Workshop on corporate social responsibility in the framework of the OECD Guidelines

The Moroccan National Contact Point (NCP) has organized jointly with the Democratic Confederation of Labor, on January19, 2019 at 9.30 am a workshop on “corporate social responsibility within the framework of the OECD Guidelines”.
The purpose of this workshop is to present the OECD Guidelines for representatives from trade union, in particular chapters related to human rights, employment and industrial relations, the environment, the fight against corruption and the interests of consumers.

As a reminder, Morocco adhered to the OECD Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises in 2009. With this adherence, Morocco joined the growing number of a country committed to strengthening multilateral cooperation, improving the transparency of the business environment and promoting responsible business conduct, including through compliance with the OECD Guidelines.
Morocco has set up, since 2010, a National Contact Point which composition, functioning and missions are governed by the circular of the Head of Government No. 9/2014 dated 05 September 2014.
The Moroccan NCP includes among its members a set of ministerial departments and constitutional institutions as well as the Moroccan agency for investment and export development, which is in charge of the presidency and the secretariat of the Moroccan NCP.