Our Missions

The NCP contributes to the effectiveness of the OECD guidelines through the following actions:

Promotion of the OECD Guidelines

The NCP organises and takes part in any event related to the OECD Guidelines (and its sectoral Guidance), and in general, to any event related to the responsible business conduct; It’s organises workshops or training on mediation or any other issue; participates in conferences on topics related to this matter, etc.

Respond to enquiries related to the OECD Guidelines

The NCP respond to any enquiries related to the OECD Guidelines and their implementation procedures.

Implementation in specific instances

The NCP will contribute to the resolution of issues that arise relating to implementation of the OECD Guidelines in specific instances.

The NCP offer a forum for discussion and assist parties to resolve practical issues that may arise through mediation or conciliation.

Report annually to the investment committee

Every year, the NCP report to the investment committee.

Report should contain information on the nature and the results of activities of the NCP, including events organised or attended by the NCP (including capacity building, peer learning activities, peer review activities) but also the specific instances handled by the NCP and their results; (ii) the policies adopted by the moroccan government regarding responsible business conduct  and (iii) the initiatives taken with regard to due diligence, particularly in specific sectors (mining, agri-food, textiles, finance, minerals).

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